• 2.5 days or riding
  • On-hill Transport for registered competitors
  • Friday – Rego and racers meeting before lunch. Practice in arvo session
  • Saturday – Practice in morning session. Lunch. Race to Qualify to start arvo session. Aus Nationals to finish the Arvo session.
  • Sunday – Practice in Morning session. Lunch. Race Brackets in arvo session.
  • Fri/Sat Nights – dinner, drinks and downtime at the Advantown Hotel. Shuttles available from the hill
  • Tasty food from Notorious EAT – Sat/Sun
  • Great Coffee from The Original Woodie – Sat/Sun
  • Live Streaming – Sat/Sun
  • Event MC/announcers – Sat/Sun
  • Limited numbers for luge
  • Limited Camping
  • Accommodation available at
  • AirBNB’s also available on a few local runs – hit up the locals in the know.
Tame the Taipan


Fantastic sliding pavement for any speed or discipline.  The length of the road is buttery smooth, with a few waves in the last corner to mix things up in the lead up to the final straight. An inclined start-line sets you up for the first lefty, it will be tight here but sliding isn’t necessary. 

Following this is a dropping straightway with a slight left leading into a huge right hand corner which can be ridden in a multitude of ways, no one’s certain which is the fastest.  Out of the big right you’re shot into a long straight that chucks you into an equally big left, however unlike the right, the left isn’t quite a switchback.  

It throws you into the ever steepening right-left chicane which sets you up for the final straight away. The final straight is short but is decided by how you take the proceeding chicanes, not mass.